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“Kill the Devil Twice: An Italian Memoir” is the sequel to Edward Bernardi’s earlier novel, “The Reluctant Patriot: An Italian Tragedy”.

Both novels are based on Mr. Bernardi’s research and interviews with many individuals in the United States and Italy, where the author traveled extensively over the years. “Kill the Devil Twice” chronicles the suffering, risks taken and courage exhibited by these individuals as the Second Word War was ending and during the “vendetta peace” that followed.

Mr. Bernardi is a skilled public speaker with a life-time of experience in the municipal bond field. He has served as president of a nationally known private city club, and president of a charitable foundation serving over 13,000 inner-city children. He is currently chairman of a successful Midwestern investment firm.

A recipient of a “Chick” Evans caddy scholarship, he attended and graduated from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. Raised in Highwood, Illinois, Mr. Bernardi now resides with his wife, Mary, in Lake Forest, Illinois.




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